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to the people who think that lesbians are paid attention as much as gay men in society, here is some news

ur wrong

I’m pretty sure lesbian porn is bigger than gay guy porn

Ah yes, fetishization, what good representation

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What most people think causes homelessness:

  • Poor money management

What actually causes homelessness:

  • transphobia
  • a racist criminal justice system
  • the ‘war on drugs’
  • health care and insurance costs
  • the current federal minimum wage
  • bankers being assholes
  • no federal law protecting paid parental leave
  • etc…

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i’ve reblogged this like three times and i still have no idea what the fuck is going on

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i have the sex appeal of a math book

idk man, i’ve never met anyone that opened a math book and didn’t say “fuck me”

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can’t there be a boob transferring system, like oh you want more boob, i want less boob, here is boob, now we have a twin-like connection and can sense when the other is in trouble

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when I was six I threw a tantrum because I wanted a slushie from 711 and I remember my dad said “I will never buy you a slushie” AND LITERALLY RIGHT NOW HE CAME IN THE CAR WITH A SLUSHIE AND I WAS LIKE WHY DIDNT YOU GET ME ONE AND HE LOOKED ME DEAD IN THE EYE AND SAID “REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE SIX”

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where do i sign up


where do i sign up

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that’s not how bones fucking work

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have i told you guys about that one time i had to do a presentation on class but i was being a lazy fuck so i just copied one i found on the internet and presented it but the whole time my teacher was giving me weird glares ok so after i was done i realized the work i copied had my university watermark on it but like from years ago long story short i had copied my teacher’s work when he was a student and presented it to him years later

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s cience tumblr why the hoobly boobly

Tectonic plates

thank You

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(calls police) hello, some bitch is still trying to talk to me about frozen

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innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for

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